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Mango Village Resort

XII/486, Near Seetharkund Water Falls Kollengode, Palakkad-678506, Kerala, India ( Please feel free to contact on +91 - 95624 43234 )

+91 9562 443 234
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Pick & Pay

During our mango harvest seasons, we invite guests to participate in our Pick-&-Pay program, allowing adults and children to experience mango-picking, straight from our trees. The guests are assisted by our farm staff during picking, and the guests' harvest is then weighed, and the mangoes are sold at prevailing wholesale rates. Since our opening in 2011, the Pick-&-Pay program has been one of the most sought-after activities of our patrons. The mangoes are still green when harvested from the trees, and are expected to ripen within a week from picking. Mangoes are not usually left to ripen on the tree, to avoid infestation from pests and spoilage. The Pick-&-Pay Program is available only during the mango harvest seasons, and participants are required to pre-register.